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Enoch Pratt Library
Baltimore, Maryland

Enoch Pratt Achievement Award

Annual Award
First Award Commissioned: 1998
Current Work Commissioned: June, 2011 • Completed: October, 2011

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland


Ceremonial Necklace
Original Commission: 1966
Additional Work Commissioned: May, 2009 • Completed: October, 2009

Baltimore Sun Article

Johns Hopkins Magazine Article

University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


Ceremonial Mace
Commissioned: May, 2009 • Completed: October, 2009


University of Chicago website
(Note: The university credits HPH Jr. for the work. The mace was
actually made by HPH III.)

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ceremonial Mace & Ceremonial Baton
Commissioned: November, 2008 • Completed: May, 2009

St. Mary's Seminary
Baltimore, Maryland

Presidential Insignia

Commissioned: 2006 • Completed: 2006

St. Mary's Seminary
Baltimore, Maryland

Ceremonial Mace

Commissioned: 1991 • Completed: 1991